Clare Melinsky: Out and About

February 1st-28th 2018


Thomas Tosh kicks off its ten-year birthday celebrations with a new exhibition from the in-demand printmaker Clare Melinsky.

The exhibition ‘Out and About’ runs throughout February and focuses on Clare’s skill in using lino cut printing to capture the character and colour of the outdoors: from gardens and country scenes to handsome buildings. Among work featured will be Clare’s recent illustrations for Natural Selection: a year in the garden by Dan Pearson. 

The Out and About exhibition launches with a special evening at Thomas Tosh on Thursday 1st February between 7pm-9pm with complimentary nibbles and drinks. All are welcome and admission is free

Clare stays just outside Thornhill and has exhibited at Tosh three times since its launch in May 2008. Those previous exhibitions demonstrated the breadth of her art: from the covers of the Harry Potter Signature editions; her work for a wide range of publishers and major businesses; and her prints recording the elegant architecture of major Dumfriesshire landmarks.

Clare will also be holding her lino-cut print workshops every Saturday in February at Thomas Tosh. Each class is limited to six participants to ensure they get the maximum guidance from Clare. The first workshop is now fully booked, but there are places remaining on other Saturdays. You can book below.

Clare Melinsky's Lino Cut Printmaking Workshop

Clare Melinsky is holding her popular lino cut workshops at Tosh on Saturdays in February.  Not only do you get to learn or develop your skills in lino cut printmaking, you also get refreshments and lunch in our cafe.  

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Below are some highlights from the past couple of years.

Winter 2017 Exhibition

Featuring Fiona Allardyce-Lewis, Lucy Hadley & John Patrick Reynolds' Comic Art 

Until January 7th

Highlighting Lucy Hadley, John Patrick Reynolds' Comic Art and the work of Fiona Allardyce-Lewis. Come and see their work in the festive splendour of Thomas Tosh.

Comic Art

Comic Art Thelwell bronco s copy 2.JPG

Until 16 November 2017

An exhibition of Comic Art prints of classic Thelwell cartoons and more lovingly reproduced by London based screenprinter John Patrick Reynolds.

Comic Art Prints are available to buy unmounted, mounted and mounted and framed. Prints are professionally framed by Sam Cartman, showing off their humour and striking colours at their best



Lucy Hadley | Scottish Adventures

Until 3rd September


Galloway-based Lucy Hadley’s love of the Scottish outdoors inspired her exhibition at Thomas Tosh in Thornhill, which ran until Sunday 3rd September.  

Lucy has created images from oil rigs up in the Cromarty Firth, to the Southerness lighthouse down here on the Solway Coast. “I just love being outside and exploring new places. I always have my camera and sketch pad with me.”

Lucy combines line drawing, inking and computer technology to produce high quality prints inspired by her Scottish adventures.

Some settings are directly recognisable, while other scenes are more interpretative.

 “Some images are straight from my sketchbook; so you’d recognise Crail in the North East if you’d been there.

 While if you go to Bruichladdich on Islay on the west coast, you’d spot a wee pier. It won’t look exactly like the pier in my illustration, but there are similarities. It’s just I’ve added my own personality.”

 Lucy, whose love of all things outdoors also extends to her work as a ranger at Galloway Forest, will be exhibiting some of her favourite works and will also be launching limited edition prints for the first time.

 “These new limited editions are inspired by walks I have enjoyed in the Durisdeer area near Thornhill and I hope to add to this collection during my six week exhibition at Thomas Tosh.”

 Lucy studied Graphic Design and Illustration at the University of Cumbria and graduated with a First Class BA (hons) degree.


Previous Exhibitions

 Kate Mink: Nostomania

Californian-based artist Kate Mink made the trip back to her homeland of Dumfriesshire especially for this year’s Spring Fling and her new exhibition at Thomas Tosh, her most successful to date.

Kate has lived in the US for 20 years but grew up in Nithsdale and was educated at Wallace Hall Academy in Thornhill. 

And the theme of ‘home’ and longing for the comfort it represents was at the heart of Kate’s exhibition that ran from the 27th May to the 2nd July.

The following gallery shows pieces that are still available to view on request and purchase.

Kate says:  

 “I’ve called my exhibition: Nostomania. It means an overwhelming desire to come home. I’ve created new work for my beloved homeland, the memories of which are such an important part of me.”

Kate uses the technique of encaustic painting. She carefully places found images and materials including old photos between layers of bees wax, resin and pigments. The wax process gives her work a warm hued look. And the old photos and materials give a sense of memories stretching back to past eras.

During Spring Fling, Kate had a special pop-up studio upstairs, showing visitors how she created her work, and the different media she used.


Kate was part of the Springback scheme of Spring Fling through which artists who have a connection to Dumfries and Gallloway but don’t live here are invited to take part. 

Kate is now living in the San Francisco Bay area with her family. She has an American born son and daughter. She is a graduate of the Glasgow School of Art.

In the gallery below you can see works that sold.


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A Stitch in Time 2016

Celebrating 20 years of the Thornhill Wallhanging. 

The Thornhill textile wall hanging that was created by local people at the end of the last century celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2016.  And to celebrate, mid-Nithsdale based artist Denise Zygadlo curated a special exhibition Stitch in Time 2016 and associated events at Thomas Tosh. 

Denise originally organised the creation of the hanging as part of the ‘Stitch in Time’ project, backed by the then Dumfries and Galloway Arts Association (DGAA) in 1995.

 Many Thornhill people, old and young alike, came together and using techniques of appliqué, embroidery and quilting produced the hanging.

 Denise formed the basic design from historical records and photographs. Volunteers then started work on individual sections of the community project. The names of many of the contributors are sewn around the edge of the wall hanging.

 Denise explains: 

“This wall hanging incorporates a fantastic collection of local memories and is both a snapshot of life in Thornhill at the end of the 1990s and a record of the village’s deeper history. Already in the space of two decades, there have been many changes in Thornhill that mean the wall hanging continues to be a valuable record of village’s past. But there’s also lots of continuity too.”

You can watch the slide show from the exhibition below. 


Small World Exhibition | until Saturday 31st October 2015

Thomas Tosh’s autumn 2015 exhibition in Thornhill was small and perfectly formed. Small World featured loans from the miniatures collections held by Jane Murray-Flutter, Dorothy Gault and Dorothy Hill, respectively.

Everything from classic furniture to cutlery, chandeliers to Charlie Chaplin have been reduced in scale by talented miniaturists whose work has been acquired by the three Nithsdale-based collectors. Visitors marvelled at the perfect precision on show from kitchen scenes to French high court glamour.

The exhibition also featured tiny letters received by Jane Murray-Flutter’s late mother, the famous writer Rumer Godden, from Tasha Tudor, who illustrated Rumer’s classic book:  The Doll’s House. Tasha created an imaginary correspondence between the characters in Rumer’s story and her own collection of dolls.


Previous Exhibitions


Glencairn Quilters Exhibition | Ended run 10th October. Handcrafted quilts made here in Nithsdale by the Glencairn Quilters. The Group made a special quilt thas raffled for charity. That quilt is on show too.


Thornhill Arts Summer Competition 2015: Ended run 26th June. Over 40 entrants showed their enthusiasm and talent in this year's show. Local artist Victor Henderson judged the winners. And they were: Category A (aged 6-11:years): Lucy Robson. Category B (aged 12-16) Katelynn Sneddon. Category C (adults): Margaret S Milligan. Congratulations.


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