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Barbara Loftus | Confiscation of Porcelain
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Stella Whalley | Maiko
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Jackie Batey | Damp as Ditchwather
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Imi Maufe | Raffle Tickets and Midges

Art takes the form of books in our latest exhibition at Thomas Tosh: Place Identity Memory. The books on display are either unique works or special limited editions created by local and international artists.

The exhibition gives visitors the chance to pick up and peruse these works of art. It is a tactile, intimate experience with the books. There's also a great catalogue to go with the exhibition, designed by former TT artist-in-resident Hugh Bryden.

Place Identity Memory comes to Thomas Tosh after a successful debut at Gracefields Galleries in Dumfries, and it's next destination is the Stranraer Museum.

The exhibition has been organised by IRIS, a collective of artists. IRIS includes: Hugh Bryden; Jeremy Carlisle; Robbie Coleman; Linda Mallett; Andy Priestman; Julian Watson and Denise Zygaldo. All the artists live and work here in Dumfries and Galloway.

For more details keep an eye on the Thomas Tosh blog or ring us on 01848 331 553.

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