Not to Scale is the new production from acclaimed performance group Oceanallover that is taking place in Thornhill on Saturday 21st May. Two special accompanying workshops will allow you to boost your creativity and think about ways of conveying your ideas to other people, be they performers, an audience, or the wider public.

Alex Rigg, the founder of Oceanallover is an expert in live performance, and has designed productions across the world. He will lead the two workshops showing you how to get inspiration from objects and the things that surround you for design and performance

Oceanallover's Not to Scale in Performance (Photo copyright: Val Boyle) 

Oceanallover's Not to Scale in Performance (Photo copyright: Val Boyle) 

 One day workshop: Upstairs gallery, Thomas Tosh, Thornhill

Conveying ideas for design & performance

Friday 20th May 9.15am-4.30pm. Includes refreshments and lunch £65.


A one day course in which Alex will show you how to get ideas out of your head, and how to explain them to performers and a wider audience.

We’ll look at the design process:  discovering and recognising the potential within objects to inspire and play a role in performance and conceptual art, issues of practicality, and making the abstract feel real either in performance or material creation.  

The day will be split into two, with Thomas Tosh supplying lunch.

In the morning,

Alex will start with a general introduction, the background of Oceanallover, his work. Alex will also discuss ideas around conceptual art.  And reference the ideas behind his new production Not to Scale that will be performed in Thornhill on Saturday 21st May.

In the morning: we will look at sources of inspiration; for example poetry, writing, found objects, material, surroundings.

In the afternoon: we will look at making the ideas into a practical reality via the creation of performance objects, costumes, choreography and the performance itself.  This will give you the opportunity to experiment.

A performer will be on hand for the last hour and half of the day to translate some of your ideas into reality.

What you need to know: This is a course aimed at helping you with your creative journey, thinking about conveying ideas, performance and choreography, conceptual art and turning the abstract into things people can understand.

 You should really benefit from this workshop if you already have making, crafting, writing or design skills. It isn’t a workshop to learn new material skills.

If you don’t have those sort of skills you might really benefit from the workshop by seeing as a creative experience to think about objects and surroundings in a new way. There is also a shorter workshop taking place on Saturday 21st. We are happy to chat to you if you are unsure which of the two workshops to take.